Nov 28, 2022

5 Best Compostable Products Used in X’mas Season!

Top 5 Compostable Products Used in Xmas Season

1. Hot cups for mulled wine or hot chocolate:

Care for a cup of hot mulled wine during your visit at the Christmas market? Sip one to warm up a bit! And don’t forget a cup of hot chocolate for your little kid.

2. Cold cups for draft beers or soft drinks:

Beer is always the best option for a festive celebration gathering, and don’t forget to prepare soft drinks for non-drinkers or little kids!

3. Cutlery for Christmas dinner:

Getting tired of doing the dishes? By buying Christmas cutlery set to cut down your cleaning time and spend more times with your family or friends on Christmas Eve. Also an ideal option for outdoor event.

4. Bakery bags for Christmas pudding and mince pie:

Fancy a traditional dessert or a slice of pie after your feast? Don’t forget to take away and share with your family or friends!

5. T-shirt bags:

Too busy to prepare for your Christmas dinner? Don’t worry, bag up some takeaways from favourite restaurant and enjoy meals with your beloved family!