Nov 18, 2022

Compostable Products Delight your Thanks-Giving!

Compostable Products Delight your Thanks-Giving!

Food waste poses a major concern amongst other kinds of waste on Thanksgiving as food releases greenhouse gases when decomposing.

Million pounds of food (turkey, potatoes, pies, etc.) has been wasted during the holiday season, and it contributes to land, water, and air pollution as it produces or decomposes. To enjoy a sustainable and responsible Thanksgiving celebration is important for us all when the international community is calling for more circular economy and a sustainable environment for our next generation.

Tex Year 100% compostable plate and cutlery is ideal for Thanksgiving celebration which you can use responsibly. In addition, it avoids any storage or usage damage if you have children coming to your Thanksgiving. 

Why is it eco-friendly? Cutlery set and plates are made from 100% cornstarch which can be home compostable with your Thanksgiving leftover.