Nov 04, 2022

What is Compostable Product?

What is Compostable Product?

The term “compostable” refers to the capability to break down into natural elements, or that the item will turn to nutrient-rich soil within a specific timeline. As compostable products break down into natural elements, they do not cause harm to the environment.

Any product specifically manufactured to break down in a compost system at the end of its useful life. May be made from plastic, paper, or plant fibers, along with other ingredients that provide necessary form and functionality.

All the claimed compostable products should be certified by BPI, Din Certco, or other international standards in order to prevent greenwashing. Certification ensures that the products do not create problems for composters or the environment.

Tex Year eco-friendly products are made of PLA materials. PLA is short for Polylactic acid, coming from sugarcane, corn, cassava and so on. PLA material is one of the most widely used bioplastics, certified as 100% compostable.