Oct 26, 2022

Tex Year GPS (Green Platform Strategy)

​​​​Tex Year GPS (Green Platform Strategy)

Tex Year started with adhesive in 1976, well-knowing bottlenecks and trends of industrial supply chain developments. To practice green economy, we pro-actively promote PLA eco-products and build a platform to encourage circular & low-carbon developments.

In 2021, Tex Year combined CSR mission with global R&D capabilities, joining upper/lower stream strategic partners to build green material GPS (Green Platform Strategy™) platform. Leveraging the GPS platform, we introduced interdisciplinary international cooperation which will navigate our strategic partners to the new blue ocean of Green Material applications.

Tex Year GPS covers 4 main technology platforms

1. Circular Economy Platform | Warm Aqueous Alkaline Removable Adhesive

  • From recycle to regeneration, plastic bottles go through various cumbersome processes, and label residues affect the quality of recycled materials. Therefore, the choice of glue for sticking labels is critical!

  • As an adhesive expert, Tex Year developed the warm aqueous alkaline removable adhesive. The label can be effectively pasted without falling off. When washing, it only needs to pass the international standard for de-labeling of alkaline water.

2. Bio Economy Platform | Bio-based Hot Melt Adhesive Sticks

  • Tex Year bio-based hot melt adhesive uses natural plants as the base.

  • It has been certified by the DIN CERTCO and is a representative of natural, non-toxic and environmental friendly ultra-pure hot melt adhesive sticks.

3. Bio Economy Platform | Compostable Products

  • Besides adhesives, Tex Year collaborate with Minima to offer various green/compostable products, including foodservice items (hot cups/lids, cold cups/lids, bio straws), cutlery set (fork, spoon, knife, plates, bowls), blow molding(bottles) and blowing (bags, films, bubble films), etc.

  • Our Advantages of Bio-Products:

  • All Raw Materials with international Certificates
  • Wdie & Diverse Range of Compostable Products
  • Customization service Available for Branding/Size
  • Well-Accepted Quality by World Chain Stores

4. Circular Economy Platform | Innofusion® High Strength Pocket Spring Mattress Hot Melt Adhesive

  • Innofusion® mattress hot melt adhesive can be recycled along with nonwovens. Significantly reduces intermediate barriers during recycling.Environmental friendly, non-toxic, no harm to the environment or human body.

5. Green Economy Platform | Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Adhesive | Safety First Hot Melt Adhesive

  • Tex Year halogen-free flame retardant adhesive UL94-V0 level test. Passes the test with ease, with strong flame resistance. We adhere to the corporate philosophy of "Green, Safe and Healthy"