Taiwan Quality, European Distribution

On March 29, 2022, TEX YEAR Group and MINIMA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (MINIMA) signed a cooperation agreement to form a partnership to establish a joint venture company in Poland. TEX YEAR is responsible for the construction, production and marketing of the new factory. Minima is responsible for turnkey delivery, providing integrated technology, manufacturing processes, related patents and certifications.

Together we strive to promote a full line of compostable products such as straws, cups, cutlery, containers and tote bags. In the Europe region, we are helping our customers to replace traditional non-biodegradable petrochemical plastic products.

We are fully committed to protecting our environment and contributing to the green plastic industry. Compostable products are part of Tex Year GPS (GREEN PLATFORM STRATEGY), a professional business platform for Green, Bio, Circular, and Low Carbon economy.


One-Stop Shop for Biodegradable & Compostable Requirements

TEX YEAR is Taiwan’s first adhesive manufacturer to establish a production base in Europe. We have a strong R&D center in Europe branch to provide our customers with the most professional and timely service. The European Green Deal proposed by the European Commission at the end of 2019, which aims to make the European Union a world leader in climate-friendly industries and clean technologies, has sparked demands strong and urgent on replacing traditional plastic products.

The strategic cooperation between TEX YEAR and MINIMA aims to introduce cross-sectoral and transnational cooperation based on the GPS platform and combine the advantages of both parties to jointly develop, manufacture and sell materials biodegradable/compostable products.
By joining forces, we are heading towards the blue ocean of green materials.

Pioneer Manufacturer in Compostable Industry

MINIMA is one of the first certified biodegradable (compostable) manufacturers in Asia. MINIMA founder, Dr. Huang, is the founding president of the Taiwan Biodegradable Materials Association, the director of the BPI Biodegradable Materials Association of America, and the president of the Biodegradable Plastics Association. Pan Pacific. He has always held leading positions in science and industry. At the same time, he assists many companies in developing and manufacturing practical daily commodities that comply with environmental protection laws in various countries.

MINIMA has a reputation for manufacturing technology and knowledge of biodegradable materials, and has grown into a vertically integrated biodegradable product manufacturer of raw material compounding, blown film, bag, injection molding, lamination processing, paper, cups, and straws, etc.
MINIMA's degradable and compostable products are tested and certified by the European Union (Din Certco, OK Compost, TUV) and the United States (BPI).